Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Well, folks, it just goes to show that you should never unquestioningly trust a repair shop. We all know this, but I'm not usually as flabbergasted about it as I am today.

To fix the Eagle's stalling problem, the shop by my house wanted to put in a new carburetor for over $700. They didn't even mention or address something I found on Wednesday, namely three broken and rotted vacuum hoses. I saw them and thought, hey, maybe that's what the stalling issue has been all along. Maybe it's not the carburetor, which I heard was rebuilt not that long ago anyway.

I went down to the O'reilly and got two feet of hose, from different area codes... just kidding. Same area code. With the new hoses, the car hasn't stalled since, even when the engine was cool, even in the places where it ALWAYS stalled. I don't have to do my special anti-stalling braking technique anymore, I don't have to turn off the A/C when coming to a red light anymore, none of that stuff.

The cost of the hose? $0.84. EIGHTY. FOUR. CENTS. No Benjamins. Not even any Washingtons, unless you count quarters. Some cheap hose, right there, playa.

Two feet of this stuff, plus tax:

This could turn into a rant if I'm not careful. Instead, let's put a positive spin on it, and be grateful for auto parts stores, and that the Eagle is a little safer today than it was on Tuesday.

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