Friday, April 4, 2014

America's Favorite Game Show: Tune That Carb!

I wrote the following earlier this week:

"On Monday, I drove to and from work in the Eagle. It went okay, but it stalled often. So in an attempt to remedy that, I took a self-taught crash course in carburetor tuning on Monday night, and a little bit on Tuesday morning before work. Lots of trial and error have lead me to two conclusions:

- the fuel mixture was too lean, probably because of the large drop in elevation since the carb was tuned last

- even in making the mixture more rich and thereby increasing the speed and smoothness of the idle, some stalling still happens, and the exhaust smells... wrong.

I'm sure some degree of both of these problems is at least partly due to a lot of the gas being pretty old and reluctant to burn. The only real cure for this is driving the car everywhere I go, i.e. using it in favor of the Altima for a while. When most of the old gas is flushed out and replaced with new gas, I have high hopes that I'll be able to get the thing to run reliably. Ironically, the large capacity of the tank actually presents a challenge in this case."

I've now got the carb tuned to where the engine pretty much doesn't stall as long as it's warmed up. I've also secured the exhaust system better so it doesn't make a sickening metallic thump every time there's an imperfection in the road. I'll probably spring for at least one new belt this weekend so I can use the A/C without it screaming.

Boring update is boring.

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