Sunday, January 12, 2014

The End Is Here

What has two thumbs and finished the transmission rebuild?


Some of the patina of age is still present, but not in a way that matters, mechanically. Alert readers will also noice the adapter housing attached to the back. I originally took that off with the transfer case because of a stuck bolt... which never exactly came unstuck, so I used the angle grinder from before to cut it off. (Thanks and a tip o' the hat to David for lending it to me. Let me know when you'd like it back, and we'll arrange something.) 5 out of 6 bolts should be good... enough. 

As promised, I put a drain plug in the pan (at the lower right of the picture):

It's ready to go back in the car pretty much as soon as I can MacGruber MacGyver it in there somehow. For now I'll be shifting gears (ha!) to cleaning and fixing the transfer case.

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