Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Do You Have A Trouble With Your Transmission?"

Ever since the Eagle first showed up on my radar, I basically knew the transmission would need to be rebuilt. Everything has led up to this, to finally being able to remove said transmission from the post it has occupied for lo, these many years, even since the beginning of time, 1984.

the cavernous void left by the transfer case, and the output shaft of the transmission as it awaits removal.

If you read the last post about removing the transfer case, pretty much duplicate that but for the transmission, and add in that it took a lot longer and I had to get some wobble extensions, and a u-joint to replace the one I broke.
a very, very dirty but finally-removed transmission. with the foot again for scale. 
 When I finally emerged from under the car, I was covered almost from the neck down with something very much like what you see all over the transmission in the above photo. Lydia had a good laugh, and I would have too if I hadn't been so tired.

The rebuild manual says that this thing has to be spotless before you even think about starting the rebuild, or especially before you even think about thinking about getting into the valve body.
a nice close-up of some of the cleaning that will need to happen.
I'm pretty eager to get started, since I gather that transmission work is the most glamorous of the automotive specialties:

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