Monday, December 23, 2013

It's a Festivus miracle!

So I procured an angle grinder and some metal cut-off wheels and went at it with all I had. There we were... me and the transmission... locked in mortal combat. The air filled with millions of sparks, which - fun fact - are actually little white-hot bits of metal, and when they land all over your arms because you're wearing short sleeves in December (because Arizona), you end up with countless tiny burns all over. So now you know.

That Swedish guy found that his torque converter was stuck because of some bearing or something down in the center of it. I finally got into the middle of it, aaaaanddddd.... still stuck:

Advantage: transmission. So whatever was stuck was way in the back. 

It was getting dark, so I had to put down my weapon for the weekend. But with renewed strength, I courageously returned to the field of battle today after work, and finally, what should have been the easiest part of this project was done.

As Rigby would say, check out THIS!

Yeah, there's a little square of steel around the input shaft still, but that appears to be part of something that goes back into the pump, so it shouldn't be a problem at this point, since the pump needs to come out and be replaced also.

Off to the side, the dragon lay slain in pieces on yonder back patio, forsooth. The deed is done, and the peasant village is saved.

That dusty sludge is transmission fluid dragon's blood mixed with steel dust and probably disintegrated bits of several cutting wheels. Tomorrow, the rebuild starts.

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