Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas...

The other night found me nursing the Eagle back to health, with help from my long-suffering wife.

betcha haven't seen a center-mounted fuel filler for a while

To prepare it to spread its wings for the first time in many months, I put in some Lucas fuel system cleaner, Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer (because who knows how long it will take until it's roadworthy again), and all the 91-octane gas I could fit into the gas cans we had, plus a couple that were borrowed. This didn't go as well as it might have, and several ounces of gas ended up on the ground in various places, smelling up the garage and our other cars quite effectively. 

At one time or another we both got splashed with some errant drops of petroleum distillate. After a while, the look on Lydia's face was something like, "I'm helping you because you asked, and I love you, but this really sucks." The fumes were pretty bad, I have to admit, but with any luck this was just a one-time deal.

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